Eatosystem is a visionary project that integrates a holistic infrastructure and community of farmers, chefs, individuals, government entities, businesses, and schools to develop the Sustainable Food System. By promoting collaboration, connections, and fostering development, we pave the way for a sustainable and community owned food system, that encompasses various components such as Eato, Préo , Eato X, Communicrop, Elivery, Carboncrop, Recuipe, Tokonomics and TokonV. Together, we aspire to create a thriving, regenerative organic food system that nourishes both people and the planet.


Organic & Regenerative


All the Farms and Produce within the Eatosystem are Organic & Regenerative


Eat Organic

Eato is the Organic Brand of the Sustainable Food System, that accelerates a movement towards locally sourced healthy produce. With unwavering dedication, we champion the promotion, advancement, and widespread adoption of organic food and agriculture. Guided by our steadfast principles, we forge an unyielding path towards a profoundly impactful and sustainable future, where every bite is a celebration of local produce and the well-being of people and the planet.

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Organic Brand


Planet Regenerated Organically

Préo is the Regenerative Brand of the Sustainable Food System, embodying the essence of sustainability and regeneration. With unwavering commitment, we serve as the catalyst for a smooth and purposeful transition from conventional practices to regenerative or organic methods. Our holistic approach fosters a harmonious and sustainable food ecosystem, ensuring a brighter future for all.

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Regenerative Brand

Eato X

Kitchen, Studio, & Lab

Eato X is the headquarters of the Sustainable Food System. We are a food system think tank and experimental kitchen, studio, & lab with the goal of establishing Eato Ireland – the Global Pilot Project.

It is also the fundraising hub of the projects, aiming to raise billions globally through Philanthropy and Corporate Philanthropy.

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Communities that Grow Organically

Communicrop is the platform for producers, dedicated to fostering the growth, sustainability, and creation of organic and regenerative farms. Embracing innovative approaches to healthy food production, environmental protection, procurement, and investment, we ignite a transformative movement within the agricultural landscape. We empower farmers, cultivators, and visionaries to cultivate a thriving ecosystem that nurtures both people and the planet.

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Produce, Procurement, & Capital


Electric Delivery Network

The Electric Delivery Network seamlessly distributes the entire range of produce from the Sustainable Food System while pioneering a renewable energy network. Through strategic collaborations, we power Elivery and facilitate on-site solar and wind energy generation on our partner farms, culminating in the creation of the revolutionary Elivery Network.

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Distribution & Renewable Energy


Carbon removed Organically

Carboncrop removes CO2 from the air and converts it into precious plant material and soil nutrients. By balancing the intricate interplay of carbon, energy, water, minerals, and microbial systems, we regenerate the land and foster sustainable agriculture. Our innovative practices combat climate change and create new revenue models for farming communities.

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Environment & Biodiversity


A Recipe with U at it’s Centre 

Recuipe is the platform for Eato X’s Recipes, dedicated to encouraging a larger number of individuals to prepare healthy and nutritious meals. It leverages the power of Conversational User Interfaces (CUI) to offer recipes that emulate engaging conversations with professional chefs. Our mission is to make cooking an interactive and enjoyable experience for all.

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Health & Nutrition


Invent, Impact, & Inspire

Tokonomics is the Web3 Lab, we are a think tank and development platform that aims to develop the sustainable food system globally. Through workshops and events with leading developers, designers, and innovators, we bring together the best minds to create a better food system for people, community, and the planet. 

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The Web3 Lab


Values, Value, & Ventures

TokonV is the Web3 Philanthropy Platform, who’s mission is to finance the development and growth of the Sustainable Food System. Our vision is to create a world where everyone has access to healthy, sustainable, and locally-grown food. We believe that this is not only good for our health, but also for the environment, the economy, and social equity.

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Web3 Philanthropy

The Sustainable Food System

Eato Ireland, Eatosystem, & Eatoverse

The Sustainable Food System represents a comprehensive and integrated approach to education, food production, branding, distribution and consumption. With a primary focus on maximizing social and economic benefits for local communities, while minimizing environmental impacts, this transformative system comprises of three key components: Eato Ireland, Eatosystem, and Eatoverse.

Eato Ireland

Global Pilot Project

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Sustainable Food System



Virtual Food System 

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