Eatoverse is where the seeds of creativity and collaboration are sown to harvest the future of our food system. Digital worlds are created and come alive with visionary farmers, innovative chefs, progressive schools, forward-thinking governments, and conscious businesses. From virtual to reality, we’re transforming the way we grow, distribute, and consume food to develop the Sustainable Food System.

Eato Ireland – Global Pilot Project

Eato Ireland plays a pivotal role as the driving force behind the global pilot project of the Sustainable Food System. With a strong commitment to building a healthy and secure local food system for all, Eato Ireland embraces a community-focused and employee-owned model throughout the country. As part of its innovative approach, Eato Ireland leverages virtual models to present and showcase the project for each county prior to the physical investment and development taking place.

In the virtual realm of the Eatoverse, Eato Ireland becomes a dynamic platform that brings together individuals, communities, and stakeholders to participate in the transformative journey of creating sustainable local food systems. Through virtual models, Eato Ireland offers a unique opportunity to visually experience and explore the vision for each county’s food system before the actual investment and development occur.

These models serve as immersive representations of the proposed food systems, allowing stakeholders to navigate and engage with the plans in a digital environment. The virtual models provide a detailed overview of the project, including the infrastructure, processes, and community involvement. They enable individuals to better understand the potential impact, benefits, and uniqueness of each county’s food system.

Eato Ireland in the Eatoverse creates a space for collaboration, feedback, and refinement before the physical implementation begins. It encourages active participation and input from stakeholders, fostering a sense of ownership and shared vision for the future of sustainable food production.


From Virtual to Reality


Eat Organic

Eato is the virtual gateway to the vibrant Eatoverse. Immerse yourself in a revolutionary online experience that champions the Organic Brand of the Eatosystem. Discover a world where locally sourced, healthy produce takes center stage, and the celebration of organic food and agriculture knows no bounds. With Eato’s cutting-edge platform, you can explore a wealth of information, connect with like-minded individuals, and embark on a journey towards a profoundly impactful and sustainable future. 

Organic Brand


Planet Regenerated Organically

Préo is the virtual embodiment of the regenerative brand within the Eatoverse! Immerse yourself in a transformative online experience that champions sustainability and regeneration within the sustainable food system. Discover a world where conventional practices make way for regenerative and organic methods, fostering a harmonious and sustainable food ecosystem.

Regenerative Brand

Eato X

Kitchen, Studio, & Lab

Eato X in the Eatoverse is the virtual headquarters of the Eatosystem’s Sustainable Food System. As a dynamic think tank, experimental kitchen, studio, and lab, Eato X is dedicated to revolutionizing the way we produce, consume, and perceive food. It serves as a hub of innovation and collaboration, where visionary thinkers, experts, and enthusiasts come together to tackle the challenges of our food system. Through virtual workshops, immersive experiences, and cutting-edge resources, Eato X empowers users to explore and prototype sustainable solutions, aiming to establish Eato Ireland as a global pilot project.



Communities that Grow Organically

In the Eatoverse, Communicrop emerges as the virtual embodiment of the Eatosystem’s platform for producers. It serves as a dynamic hub dedicated to fostering the growth, sustainability, and creation of organic and regenerative farms within the agricultural landscape. Within this virtual realm, Communicrop embraces innovative approaches to healthy food production, environmental protection, procurement, and investment, igniting a transformative movement that reverberates throughout the food industry.

Produce, Procurement, & Capital


Electric Delivery Network

Elivery is a trailblazing virtual initiative within the Eatosystem. It represents the Electric Delivery Network, a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes the distribution of diverse produce from the Sustainable Food System while spearheading a renewable energy network. Through strategic collaborations, Elivery powers itself and facilitates the generation of on-site solar and wind energy on partner farms, resulting in the creation of the transformative Elivery Network. 

Distribution & Renewable Energy


Carbon removed Organically

Carboncrop takes center stage in the Eatoverse as a virtual embodiment of the Eatosystem’s transformative initiative. It represents a pioneering approach to combating climate change and regenerating the land through the removal of CO2 from the air and its conversion into precious plant material and soil nutrients. By harmonizing the complex interactions between carbon, energy, water, minerals, and microbial systems, Carboncrop fosters sustainable agriculture while creating new revenue models for farming communities.

Environment & Biodiversity


A Recipe with U at it’s Centre 

Recuipe in the Eatoverse serves as a dynamic hub where individuals can access a wide range of recipes, culinary tips, and cooking techniques. By using Conversational User Interfaces, Recuipe creates an immersive and engaging environment that guides users through the cooking process as if they were having a conversation with a professional chef. This innovative approach not only makes cooking more accessible but also encourages a larger number of individuals to prepare healthy and nutritious meals. 

Health & Nutrition


Invent, Impact, & Inspire

Tokonomics stands as the virtual manifestation of the Eatosystem’s Web3 Lab, a visionary think tank and development platform. It serves as a hub of innovation, collaboration, and knowledge exchange, aiming to propel the development of a sustainable food system on a global scale. Through immersive workshops and events featuring leading developers, designers, and innovators, Tokonomics brings together the brightest minds to create a better future for food, communities, and the planet.

The Web3 Lab


Values, Value, & Ventures

TokonV in the Eatoverse is the virtual representation of the Eatosystem’s Web3 Philanthropy Platform. With a noble mission to finance the development and growth of the Sustainable Food System, TokonV envisions a world where everyone has access to healthy, sustainable, and locally-grown food. Embracing the belief that this access is beneficial for our health, environment, economy, and social equity, TokonV becomes a catalyst for positive change within the virtual realm. 

Web3 Philanthropy

The Sustainable Food System

Eato Ireland, Eatosystem, & Eatoverse

The Sustainable Food System represents a comprehensive and integrated approach to education, food production, branding, distribution and consumption. With a primary focus on maximizing social and economic benefits for local communities, while minimizing environmental impacts, this transformative system comprises of three key components: Eato Ireland, Eatosystem, and Eatoverse.

Eato Ireland

Global Pilot Project

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Sustainable Food System 

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Virtual Food System 

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