The greatest Impáct we can currently make is to provide our frontline Healthcare providers and our vulnerable with all the support we can through this crisis.

At Eatosystem our Impáct will be to develop a system to provide daily Immune and Energy boosting foods to our Medics and the Elderly. 

This system will be supported by a Digital Education Channel that will teach families to cook daily recipes, the core mission to boost  immunity, energy, and get all cooking together.

The Eatosystem Impáct 


Create a Fund for Corporations/Gov/Public to Sponsor Food & Costs

Open large Production Kitchens

Prepare healthy Immune & Energy boosting Food

Donate to frontline Health providers & the Elderly

Digital Education Channel that will teach families to Cook Recipes

Collaborate with Event Management Experts

Use temporary Unemployed to Organize, Prep, and Deliver

Use unused Van Fleets to Deliver

Top Chefs to Prepare & Cook

Buy food from Organic/Local Producers

Restaurant Staff to manage Orders – Web, Email, Social & Phone

Large Scale, cohesive Community effort

Involve Charities for the Elderly

Temporary Unemployed staff will Donate their Time and Expertise

Small Companies will donate they’re Services

Large companies will donate their Finance, Services, and Networks

Government will provide their Resources

Eato IE – Immune & Energy

Nutritional Boost & Fuel

Eato IE is the Production Kitchen of the Eatosystem Impáct. It will produce the highest of quality food available to create Immune and Energy boosting foods for our Medics and the Elderly. 

Communicrop – Eato IE Producers

Communities that Produce Together

Communicrop is Eato IE’s community of producers, chefs, and systems specialists whose mission is to Produce, Prepare, and Distribute.

Eato X & Recuipe – Eato IE Recipes

A Recipe with IE at it’s Centre

Eato X and Recuipe are the platforms for all of Eato EI’s Recipes, with the mission to get more people cooking Immune and Energy boosting meals with their families

Elivery – Eato IE Distribution

IE Delivery Network

Elivery is the Electric Delivery Network that will deliver the Organic Produce of Communicrop to Eato EI, and distribute all the food to our Medics and Elderly.

TokonV – Capital

Intrinsic Values Extrinsic Ventures

TokonV is a fund that provides capital to innovative projects on Tokonomics, with the aim to deliver long term positive social impacts.

Tokonomics – Business Models

Creating new Value Systems for Communities

Tokonomics creates new value systems for communities through token economic business models, with the mission to create positive social impacts.

Potential Locations

Eato IE 

Convention Centre, Dublin

The Convention Centre Dublin was developed to provide a world-class conference venue in the heart of Ireland’s capital city.


Eato IE 

Croke Park, Dublin

Croke Park is headquarters of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) and home of Ireland’s premier concert and events venue.


Eato IE

Aviva Stadium, Dublin

Is the home of Irish Rugby and Irish Football. It is a place of gathering, it encapsulates the heartbeat of a nation and inspires great victories.


Eato IE 

RDS, Dublin

Home to Ireland’s best known venue, the RDS mission has been turning ideas into action for nearly 300 years.


Eato IE

Nationwide & Globally

A Nationwide roll out of the Eatosystem Impáct throughout Ireland & Globally.


Organic, Sustainable, & Local

The aim will be to source Organic, Sustainable, and Local Produce to develop the highest quality food possible, whilst supporting local economies.

Global Partners

The World’s Leading Network for Fintech, Blockchain & Digital Impact. 

Fintech Worldwide is a market leading global innovation and events network with a focus on Fintech, Blockchain, Frontier Technologies and social transformation.



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